Educational Visits

Educational Visits


Children will be taken to various schools in Mumbai and Pune area. A group of 10% of the school strength will be taken for a visit. The children will be selected from class 5th onwards. Total no. of visit days: 10 days(exclusive of travel). Schools that can be visited:

  • Wabrewadi ZP School.

  • Aatman Academy

  • VIBGYOR School

  • Orchid School


Student exchange is an excellent way to develop in students:

  • Student leadership.

  • Critical thinking due to exposure to various contexts.

  • Creativity due to interaction with students and their ideas.

  • Communication to communicate with new friends.

  • Confidence as children get to interact with strangers.

  • Compassion as children understand the various contexts from which others are.

  • Collaboration as they learn to live with new people and interact and work with them.



  • Have a quota for children who perform exceedingly well in science exhibition, annual function and sports events. This will be done by a group of teachers and heads.

  • Have a quota for children who finish the syllabus on the given challenge date.

  • For other children who would like to visit, there will be a 3 step process:

    • Essays: Children will get an opportunity to learn and write on three questions given by the school. The questions will be:

      • Why do you think you should be taken for the visit?

      • How do you think you will be able to help the school and in turn yourself after the visit?

      • A question related to current affairs of the time.

      • Class 5th and 6th: 80 words each, class 7th and 8th: 100 words each, classes 9th to 12th: 120 words each.

    • Interview: Children through various question will be tested on:

      • Commitment to work and self improvement.

      • Clarity in thought.

      • Communication.

    • Activity: An activity will be designed for the children such that they will be tested on the skills of creativity and collaboration. Some examples could be:

      • Human knot.

      • Jumbled ropes.

      • Can see project adventure book for information.