Library and Reading Culture

Library and Reading Culture


The library format is to help the librarian understand the culture and the procedure to be followed in the library. It will serve as the bible of instructions to be followed in a 40 minute session in the library. It will help the librarian frame his/her mindset before setting and taking a library class.


The library is a sacred space in the school. It is a temple of learning and reading and hence a strong culture of positivity and learning has to be established around and in the library. We need a library format because:

  • It will help children understand the importance of library and reading.

  • A strong positive culture in the library sets for a strong tone in  the school as all the classes come to the library.

  • It will help the librarian be at ease as his/her work will be divided structurally.

  • Encourage children to read and become lifetime readers as “the man who reads in never alone.”


This will be achieved by the following structure:

  • The time format will be as follows:


Teacher Action

Student Action

0 - 10 min

Teacher guides children into the library from the classroom.
Teacher sets up class with revising library norms and rules.

Students settle down.

Students listen to the teacher.

Students go to select their books.

10 - 20 mins

Teacher is issuing and getting books returned.

Children spend time reading their books.

Children make a queue and return or issue books.

20 - 40 mins

Teacher reads a common story decided by her to the class to inculcate listening and reading habit.

Teacher can also do an activity related to reading or curiosity.

Children participate actively in the activity or reading session.

  • There will be a proper set of library norms:

  1. L - Listen to the librarian.

  2. I - Inquire(ask) if you need help.

  3. B - Be respectful to others.

  4. R - Read and talk quietly.

  5. A - Always, never run.

  6. R - Return books to their proper places.

    1. Y- Your manners are appreciated.

  • The library rules will be as follows:


Before issuing a book:

  1. Note the details of the book in your almanac on Page No: 81.

  2. Open the almanac on the same page.

  3. Keep library card ready.

While issuing a book:

  1. Give library card to teacher.

  2. All details in the almanac are filled - S.No., Book Name, Sign, Date.

  3. Is it the same book as written?

  4. Entry in the register.

After issuing a book:

  1. Signature of teacher in the almanac.

  2. You have the book.

Enjoy Reading!