Science Centre

Science Centre


STEM will form an integral part of every human being’s life in the 21st century with the integration of Artificial Intelligence. Even in the present we are surrounded by technology, from the way we dress to the way we do things. The science centre will the basis for helping children begin with the STEM journey. It will help in:

  • Building a scientific temperament in children.

  • Building a mindset of discovery and innovation.

  • Build skills that are necessary for the future: critical thinking, creativity and confidence.

  • Helping children with basic academic skills in school.


The science centre is a place with all the basic science and math equipment that can help build the foundation for innovative mindset. The science centre consists of:

  1. Display pieces to help understand the practical concepts of science. 

  2. 1 cupboard of math equipment to understand mathematical concepts by doing.

  3. 1 cupboard of basic science experiments such as Ohm’s Law, etc.


There are two ways we will approach the science centre:

  • Children will be given access to the centre in periods like Library, Dance, Health and Physical Education(HPE) and Science(with permission of the science teacher).

  • After completion of their syllabus in all subjects as a challenge children will be given access to science centre for the whole day.

Children can make use of the computer lab when they feel it is needed for support and further research.


  • Journal entry which will be seen at the end of every week.

  • Execution of at least one activity in a week in a classroom.