Principal Message

Principal Message

Dear Parents,

VVS is continuously progressing in all fronts. It may be Board Exam results, enrollment of students, partnering with successful international school with similar socio-economic background of parents and hiring of a new talent that is available to the children of only big cities. Every passing day we are reaching closer to the goal of providing internationally best quality education to our children.

It is the trend in private schools all over the country that at least about 25% of teachers changed every year. Our school has been able to establish a robust initial training system so that the newly appointed teachers get acclimatized quickly with the school culture and environment so that children do not lose on our cherished goal. Similarly, arrangements have been made at the students’ level through direct election of students’ council which were held on 20th July 2019.

In continuation of our efforts of ‘No Child Left Behind’ we have already conducted ASER tests for all children in language and maths. Last year’s effort has yielded handsome results. This year we plan to reach 100% with the concept of ‘Subject Friends’ that we have learnt during the year after visits of partner school during the summer. This also shows that we work round the clock for the benefit of our children. 

The school plans to break new grounds so far as academics and 21st Century Skills of our children that you will be able to see in different subject oriented exams and during ‘Annual Sports Meet’, ‘Annual Science Fair’, ‘Students’ Showcase’ and ‘Annual Function’.

- Ms. Anju Verma