Director Message

Director Message

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” - John Dewey

Dear Parents,

I want to inform you with pride that the Board exam results of VVS is continuously improving. Grade X exam results this year (2019) was 100 percent with one student scoring above 90%, 6 students between 75 to 90%, 12 students between 60 to 75% and 12 students below 60%. Similarly, in XII exam 74%(Batch strength - 31) students passed in 2019 compared to 46%(Batch strength - 11) in 2018 and 48%(Batch stength - 19) in 2017 exams. If all the students of compartment pass then the pass percentage will rise to 85%, above the naional average. A commendable progress. We hope to reach 100% results this year.

We have continued to walk the path of ‘Our Children Deserve The Best’ such that children become ‘Self learning individuals’ who work towards their dreams. In this endeavour, we visited various schools performing excellently in the previous years, one of which claimed that their 5th Grade students can solve 10th Grade problems and another claimed that they complete the syllabus in 3 months then students have time to learn skills that are required to become ‘Future Ready’. We studied them and decided to implement the practices of those schools to improve our quality in academics and curricular activities even further. We believe that students need to acquire the ‘21st century skills of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Confidence and Compassion (6C’s)’ to become ‘Future Ready’. To begin this, the students are challenged to explore and expand their capacity; they have been challenged to finish their class syllabus in 3 months. Most students in VVS have accepted the challenge. Of course, not all students will be able to do it at the first go. But a process has begun. Even if 10-15% of students are able to complete their syllabus in three months, it will help us give boost to the idea of ‘Subject Friends’. The children who have finished their syllabus will help the other children in the classroom to overcome their challenges, hence make the process of learning faster. In easier language there would be not only the teacher helping the children learn but also 4-5 student leaders. This will enable the school to implement Avishkar(innovation) Lab with vigour. It’s impact will be seen by the parents in this year’s ‘Science Fair’ which we plan to convert to ‘Student’s Learning Showcase’. For effective implementation of this activity we have partnered with ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee International School, Wablewadi, Pune’.

Additionally, we are working hard to empower children such that they become future leaders through our processes of Student Elections, Student led Events and helping children through clubs to develop in their own spheres. A visit to the school in Wablewadi will help children broaden their horizons and work smarter and harder to achieve their targets and acquire the skills to be 'Future Ready.' 

All of this is possible with empowered and motivated teachers; there is continuous teacher training available in the school through the existing heads and trainers from outside as and when needed. 'A happy teacher makes a happy classroom', in light of this in our limited resources we strive really hard to keep our teachers happy and motivated. We hope our team of motivated and inspired teachers will guide children to success.

In addition, our school has been able to attract and bring talent from the metropolitan city of Hyderabad and an alumni of Teach for India, Mr Sajid Anwar. With his support and guidance to teachers and partnership with an international school, we hope to meet the parental as well as our expectations from the children that is to make them imbibe 21st century Skills and become ‘Future Ready’ citizens who will in turn help their communities grow as stated in our vision.

- Akshay Kumar